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If you provide valuable content and would like to monetize it, you can join to Sabavision. You can make money through Sabavision' provided cods on your websites or Apps.

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  • Enter IranApps Pannel
  • Receive SDK code
  • Place code in App
  • Make money

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  • Register website in Advertisement panel
  • Receive code
  • Place code in website
  • Make money

Why joining to Sabavision?

بیشترین درآمد در بین آژانس های ایرانی

تنوع تبلیغات

More income

From 130 to 350 Tomans
In our ad network, you will receive 130-350 Tomans as your Earnings per Click.

Regular Payments

Weekly payments
We calculate your EPC every day and pay weekly.
به صرفه

Accurate Report

Accurate reports for each click
We provide accurate reports for each click you will receive
تنوع تبلیغات

Advertisement Formats

Banner ads/ Video ads/ Native Ads
We provide different formats of advertisement and you can use each that could better results.

More customers

Considering your ad places
We consider your different ad places for different ad formats to attract more customers.
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