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Various Solutions for Online Advertisers

Banner Advertising (Fixed Placement)

Be Remembered

Fixed Placement advertising with our top-of-the-line network of publishers enables you to be well poised to capture a consumer’s attention. In fact, you will be placed in eye-catching window displays of top Iranian websites, in front of the right audience.
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Banner Advertising (PPC Based)

Start Small, Start Smart

You can start off PPC advertising with almost any budget. We believe that you can start small, yet experience smart advertising in our broad top-notch network of publishers. With connections across the web and applications in about any niche or industry, we can put your message in front of the right audience in the most efficient way possible.
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Video Advertising

Video Content Is a "Must"

As formats for advertising are changing every day, we are advancing into the most effective type of advertising: video and video ads. Considering that we own Aparat (Iran’s Video Sharing Platform), we have the best opportunity to target the right audience in the right place, no matter what industry you belong to.
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Mobile Advertising

The Future of Advertising

Which device do you think is the most-widely-used digital device for internet surfing, researching, gaming, or shopping? Mobile apps are growing rapidly and in-app advertising offers marketers a better opportunity to reach their audiences. With Sabavision mobile advertising, you can expand your reach to millions of mobile users.
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Campaign Creative

Our 360° Campaign

What are your advertising goals? Do you need to get more customers? To increase your brand awareness? To engage customers? Whatever your goals may be, we offer fully immersive and creative campaigns to deliver your message to the right audience through SabaVision channels and to maximize the impact of your campaigns.
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If you know how to create killer content on your website or mobile app, and want to monetize with advertisements, we have plenty of solutions to exceed your expectations. Join our family and enjoy a wide array of advertising solutions.

Video Producers

Earn Money on Aparat
Dream of turning your passion for video making into a profession? Distributing and monetizing your videos? SabaVision is a hub to help you publish and make money by advertising and finding sponsors. The best part is that we own!
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