Video Advertising

Video Content is a "Must"

Video Advertising

Video Content is a "Must"

As formats for advertising are changing every day, we are advancing into the most effective type of advertising: video and video ads. Considering that we own Aparat (Iran’s Video Sharing Platform), we have the best opportunity to target the right audience in the right place, no matter what industry you belong to.

Sabavision offers three types of video advertising opportunities: Sponsorship available in Aparat premium content, advertising opportunities available through Aparat user generated content, and advertising opportunities during live coverage of brand events.

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Advertising Opportunities

Opportunities to Be in Iran's Largest Video Sharing Platform


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On Aparat
Aparat with more than 1.5 M unique visits per day is a unique place for video advertising.


To Audience
In TrueView you can provide an opportunity for your audience to skip the ads
صرفه جویی


In advertisment budget
You won't be charged for untargeted audiences who skip your ads
پخش تضمینی

Guarantee Streaming

Guarantee Streaming
You will be charged only if your audience watch most of your video ads and receive its messages.

Prospective customers

To potential ones
You can place link on your video ads to lead them to a targeted webpage
بیشتر دیده شوید

Will be seen

With Aparat' accelerator system, your video ad would be targeted for more users
TrueView Guarantee

TrueView Guarantee Streaming

This video ad type fits better with teaser ads less than 30 Sec and places at the first parts of Aparat' videos. Users can skip the ads after 5 Sec in case of unwillingness.
Good advertisement Challenge

Good advertisement Challenge

As attractive ads, it was designed for brands to promote themselves. The video would be streaming with guarantee of 5 Sec mandatory watching. If the visitor is not interested to watch full video ad and skip it, a fee (100 Tomans) will be deducted. This option is perfect for attractive videos or campaigns.
Aparat Accelator Boosting Service

Aparat Accelator Boosting Service

This service would be targeted more visitors who are related to the video ad. The service could be offered self-service (automatically) or manually. More details

96% of B2B organisations are using video in their marketing campaigns, with 73% of them reporting positive results to their ROI.

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